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House First Impressions Matter

Hello everyone,Can you believe spring is right around the corner? And a study by Zillow, the real estate database, found that homes listed between May 1 and May 15 sold faster than homes not listed

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Hello there,There is no doubt that eating certain amount of nuts per day is good for your body, especially for your heart. And do you know today is National Pistachio Day? Here is some

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Down Payment For Your House

Hello everyone,Owning your own house is many people's dream!! But the first step is always hard, especially when it comes to down payment. Here are some tips form an article I think it's

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2018 FengShui

Hello everyone,Yeah!!! Chinese new year is around the corner. Did you know people need to wear new clothes from head to toes in order to initiate the celebration of Chinese new year?

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